Israel?  Dubai?  Germany?  China?  You name it!  Now’s the opportunity to go anywhere you want and experience new food, new fashion, and a new lifestyle. Through the Viterbi overseas program, the Ipodia program, the Spanish department, the volunteer center, and many more, the opportunities to go abroad are numerous!  From taking classes to submersing yourself in a new environment, we want to share our stories and travels with you.  Learn more about abroad and immerse yourself in a completely different culture!

Check out some of the programs

Whether you’re looking for a week to a whole semester abroad, there’s a program and destination for you.  Hover over the images to the right to learn more about some of the experiences we’ve had all over the globe.

Some Experiences Abroad

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Check out Alex’s adventures in London this summer with the Viterbi Overseas Program! Equipped with his camera, Alex’ll bring you through his travels this past summer.

See the sights. Take a selfie.  One year it can be you taking these shots!

Explore other ways students spent their summer

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    1. Hi April! I’m glad you’re interested in study abroad programs; I studied abroad in Rome this past summer through the Viterbi Overseas Program and I had a blast. I don’t know of Japan specific study abroad programs off of the top of my head, but you can always work with your advisor and USC’s Office of Overseas Studies to build a plan just about anywhere you could want to go! I did a little bit of searching for some programs and found a list here that might be up your alley, so it is definitely possible if you have your heart set on Japan!

  1. Hey!

    For summer overseas programs, is it the same destination for everyone each year? Or can you choose where you want to go?
    For example, in the summer of 2018, where is the summer overseas program heading?

    1. Betty

      Hey Edward! The Viterbi Overseas program is different every summer and rotates between 5 european cities. Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy; London, England; Paris, France. It’s announced at the beginning of every year so no one knows yet, but all the cities are amazing! I went to London on the program and it was the greatest experience of my college experience. Definitely watch the video above to see all the cool stuff we did!


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