Study Abroad

Where can Viterbi take you?

Of course you can study abroad!

The opportunities to travel abroad are limitless! Explore new cultures, experience new foods, meet new people, and engage in a new way of learning. There are multiple opportunities to study abroad as a Viterbi student, including: the Viterbi overseas program, the Ipodia program, various language department programs, volunteer center programs, and much more. From making progress towards a degree by taking classes to aiding communities through volunteer work, Viterbi students have done it all! We want to share our stories and travels with you. Learn more about abroad our abroad experiences bellow!

Here’s just a few of the programs we offer

Whether you’re looking for a week or an entire semester abroad, there’s a program and destination for you. Hover over the images to the right to learn about opportunities USC has to offer to make your dream a reality. Click here to check out all the international opportunities at await you at USC!

Study Abroad outside of Viterbi

The Office of Overseas Studies offers 55 semester and year-long programs in over 30 countries. They even put on a study abroad fair.

Viterbi Overseas

Each year the Viterbi School of Engineering offers summer study abroad programs in either Florence, Rome, Spain, London, Madrid, or Paris.

Exchange Opportunities

Opportunities to take classes and exchange with students from different universities are offered by Viterbi as well through classes such as ipodia!

Viterbi offers a lot of overseas study options (which you can learn all about here), but I knew I wanted to spend an entire semester somewhere new, and after learning about the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which USC has an exchange program with, I decided that was where I wanted to go.Shayna, Electrical Engineering '19
Learn more about Shayna’s overseas adventures!

Check out Alex’s adventures in London with the Viterbi Overseas Program! Equipped with his camera, Alex brings you through his travels.

See the sights. Take a selfie. One year it could be you taking these shots!

Other ways students spend the summer

Make Discoveries

Got a topic you're really interested? Engage in research.


Gain Experience

Summer internships are a great way to get real-world job experience!


Continue Learning

Make progress toward your degree by taking summer classes both on and off campus!

Summer Classes