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Here’s your go to guide for everything from professors to related student organizations and fields.  Start your studying journey by clicking on the engineering below that interests  you the most!

Can I minor or double major?

Our interests go beyond just our majors.  Learn more about how we wanted an interdisciplinary study experience and went about minoring or double majoring in another topic we were passionate about.  Hover over the photos below to see what other realms of studying these students are exploring!


London? Brazil?  China?  Every continent can be your destination. Whether for a week or a semester, discover the opportunities to go global.


From underwater robotics to 3D printing and everything in between, learn about the roles for you in research as an undergrad.  Some of our experiences have started as early as freshman year!

Women in Engineering

Hear about what some of USC’s women in engineering are up to.  Their experiences are diverse and cover a variety of topics. These women are pursuing their passions and striving to achieve their goals.  From why we chose engineering to why we chose USC, we’re here to share all of our experiences as women in engineers.

Read more about what women in engineering means to us below!

“I went to an all-girls high school, which has definitely made me conscious of the representation of women in general, but I’ve never seen that as an issue here at USC. In all of my classes, there have been plenty of girls and guys. In all of my organizations…”

“One of the first things I wanted to join once I got here as a freshman was a productive support group for female engineers.  I found this through the Society of Women Engineers.  Through this organization, I build my leadership skills…”

“There is support available through the Center for Engineering Diversity and the Women in Engineering programs.  On my floor alone last year, probably half of the girls were engineering majors, which just goes to show how many girls…”

Meet more women in engineering.

These women in engineering have a lot to share about their experiences from inside the classroom to their student involvement to what it’s like being a student at Viterbi and USC.

Explore what else we love to do outside the classroom