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Viterbi life means being engaged outside the classroom. Through involvement in a diverse group of student organizations, doing research, and developing ourselves professionally, we augment what we learn in the classroom. Browse here to see how Viterbi students like us pursue their passions.

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We are working on everything from biomechanics to artificial undergraduates
“I do research in the Dryden Wind Tunnel on bio morphing wings based off birds. After gathering data, I get to use the equations I’ve learned in class and understand them on a deeper, more conceptual level.” Steven, Aerospace Engineering '21

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From internships to full-time, learn about resources available to Viterbi students!

  • Career Fairs

    Viterbi host two career fairs yearly, each with over a hundred companies in attendance.

  • Viterbi Career Services

    At the Career Services office you can do anything from get a quick resume review to interview with companies through on campus recruiting.

  • Professional Organizations

    Organizations like SWE and SHPE host workshops, training, and even corporate events to get students into industry.

Check out the SHPE Career Conference