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Aerospace Engineering, ’21
Bentonville, AR

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My name is Steven, and I am a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. I am from Bentonville, Arkansas and, yes, I know I am the only one you know from that state. On campus, I am a member of SC AIAA (Professional Aerospace Organization) and I conduct research in two different labs under Professor Geoffrey Spedding. I work in the Dryden Wind Tunnel developing bio morphing wings for optimal flight. In addition, I work in the water channel on campus studying the effects of boundary layer pockets on air flow. I also play and am social chair for USC Club Baseball and am a brother and philanthropy chair in the social fraternity Beta Theta Pi. In my free time, I enjoy attending concerts around the area and being a restaurant connoisseur to places in LA.
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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

This club has many great opportunities for majors related to aerospace. Whether it be practicing for job fairs, learning how to format resumes, or just being surrounded by upperclassmen that have been through the curriculum before, this AIAA has a lot to offer. There are even guest speakers that give presentations like chief engineers from JPL! This club also offers great ways to network with local and large aerospace related companies.
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USC Club Baseball

Playing baseball for 15 years of my life, I could not stop once I came to school. I use this as my way to relax and take a breath from school. No matter what your hobby is, there is a club for it!
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Beta Theta Pi

I am currently the philanthropy chair of Beta Theta Pi. I am in charge of planning our philanthropic events to raise money and awareness for different organizations. Through this position I helped plan and run Swim With Mike which raised over $1.5 million. I have found some of my closest relationships and strongest support systems in Greek life.
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My Major: Aerospace Engineering

How did I pick my major?

Growing up, I had always been fascinated with planes. I played Microsoft Flight Simulator on almost a daily basis, and took the window seat next to the wing so that I could see all of the moving parts. I grew up under the airspace for landing planes of two separate airports, and I always look up when I am outside and a plane flies overhead. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by planes my whole life, but it wasn’t until my first engineering class in eighth grade that I decided it would be through aerospace engineering. After doing a research project, I realized that aerospace engineering was the profession for me.

My Favorite Classes

The greatest intro class of all time! Learn the basics of flight performance and propulsion as well some basic physics of gases. Along the way, you will build a model glider and test it and learn how to do draw in a CAD system. After this class I REALLY knew that I wanted to become an aerospace engineer.

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

A perfect diner in downtown LA that has pie that can make your tongue melt.

My Netflix Obsessions

  • Obviously, this show has to be on here because it makes sense. It is kind of like oxygen to the environment. It is a necessary component of society.

  • This is the most hilarious show I have ever seen and one that makes me want to live in a loft someday with my best friends in LA. Disclaimer: this is NOT a chick flick and will have you laughing for hours on end.

Favorite USC Tradition

My favorite USC tradition is the kicking of the light post on the way to the Coliseum for game days. There is no real reason to explain this but something about kicking a post on the way to watch the Trojans play football is amazing. I don’t know whether people have been doing this for years, or that it unites everyone on the long walk to the stadium, but I love it.

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