Surfing in Cali, Tubing in Wisco

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When I go back home to Wisconsin for any break, the first three things people always ask me are:

1. Why aren’t you tanner?

2. Did you learn to surf yet?

3. Did you meet any famous people?

My answers have always been

1. I dunno, this is the tannest I get?

2. No…

3. Duh, you can’t even help it

Thankfully, I can finally revise the second answer, because I got to take a surfing lesson as part of the internship program with Amgen! It was a lot harder than it looks, but eventually I managed to get up a few times and actually ride the waves! It was super fun, and I definitely want to rent surfboards some weekend and try to do it again during the semester!

Just this weekend, I went stand-up paddleboarding, which is basically standing on a giant surfboard with a paddle. It’s a lot easier, but it’s pretty fun and weirdly tiring.

Because two water-sports aren’t enough, I went back to Wisconsin for the 4th of July and spent approximately all of my time tubing at my friend’s lake house. It was great! I hadn’t done it in over two years, so I was a little out of practice and fell out a few times, also got dragged for awhile and lost my swim trunks, but overall it was a good time! Great to see my family for a bit!

I also went to a Dodgers game through the Amgen internship and got to sit in the all-you-can-eat section (who knew that existed?!). I take “all-you-can-eat” as a personal challenge, so I set out to beat the previous intern record of 8 dodger dogs in a game. That person was a superhero, however, because after powering through 5 in an hour, I couldn’t even finish a 6th one. They just started to taste awful. Oh well, it was still a fun game, and the fireworks after the game (who knew they did that?!) were legitimately the 2nd best fireworks I’ve ever seen (Disney World wins though).

Now I just have a few weeks of my internship left, then a bit of time back home, and finally, SENIOR YEAR!

Here we go.

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