Paintballing with My Favorite Student Org

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My favorite student org, you ask? Why the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, of course!

Why is that my favorite student org? Because we do awesome things like dance battles (see the link just above!) and this weekend we went Paintballing! (Oh ya, and we also do professional events multiple times per semester that help get jobs for our members)

Anyway, ya paintballing was awesome! None of us were very good, but we got a private group so we didn’t have to compete with all the basically semi-pro people. We went to Hollywood Sports Park, which has awesome set ups called Mad Max, Lost City, and Apocalypse, to name a few, and they are all set up really well to match those themes. This was our second year in a row going, and therefore my second time ever going. I think we’ll make it into a tradition though! It’s a great way to meet other BME students from other years (even as president, I still met 4 more new people today!), and everyone needs a study break now and then, so we like to go big or go home!

We split into two teams of 6 and played around 10 matches. My team lost 4 to 6, but we did have one awesome round where I literally got the entire other team by sneaking around the side of the arena and infiltrating their side. Other than that, I am not very good, haha. I think I’m just not patient or sneaky enough, and I’ll have some bruises to show for it.

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