My Summer Plans: Interning at Amgen!

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Wait! Time out! Junior year is over?! When did that happen? College goes by crazy fast! Guess it’s time to talk about my summer plans.

After my freshman year, I spent the summer at home in Wisconsin teaching tennis and being a camp counselor. It was great!

Leadership camp skits are the best. Later in this same skit, I was eaten by a shark.


This is what high production values look like

Last year, I studied abroad in Rome with the Viterbi Summer Overseas  Program and it was AMAZING.


You can read about my experiences at Pretty soon that website’s gonna be filled with posts from this year’s study abroad students, and I couldn’t be more jealous. I can’t even read through Lauren’s post about going to Florence this summer because it will make me too nostalgic. You should probably read it though, haha.
Anyway, this summer I am embarking on a whole NEW kind of adventure. It’s the kind of adventure where I get great, real world engineering experience and learn more about what I want to do with my life. That’s right, cats and kittens, it’s INTERNSHIP time.

This summer, after heading back to Wisconsin for a week, I’ll be back in beautiful Thousand Oaks California working at Amgen, a large biotech/pharmaceuticals company.

I’ll be working as an information systems intern, not a biomedical engineer, but I will still be learning a ton about the biomedical industry and broadening my skill-set.

This is the Amgen Campus! I'll be living and working here!

Next year, I’ll be co-president of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, and though I won’t be president, I’ll be continuing my involvement with Colleges Against Cancer and Relay For Life, which I inexplicably never blogged about so you bet you can look forward to that post next fall! I’ll also be a Freshman Academy Coach again. I’m also taking sailing, so that will be fun!

I cannot believe I’m about to be a senior. Part of me is not ok with that. Oh well, at least I’ve got my Progressive Degree Program to keep me around Viterbi for an extra year.
See you next fall! (Unless you come to the On Campus Admitted Student Reception this weekend, then I’ll see you Saturday!)

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    Congrats I am currently working at Amgen . Please let me know if you need any help connecting with USC seniors in IS. I am tough a biomedical engineer here


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