LA Life: Book of Mormon

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Ask people what they like about living in LA and you’ll get a million different answers, but if you check out my student page, you’ll see that my answer is: “I love knowing that I can never have an excuse to be bored here!”

Well, last Tuesday I certainly was not bored! I went to see the Book of Mormon with my floor! Even better, we got a huge discount courtesy of the University Residential Student Community, so it made the show a lot more affordable.

Hilarious but not inoffensive. What else would you expect from the creators of South Park? I would definitely recommend it!

To get there we used the convenient new light rail line that runs right by campus. We took the train all the way to Hollywood for $3 (faster and cheaper than driving), to see the show at the historic Pantages theatre.

I think LA did a really great job making the light rail stations look nice, modern, and inviting

I couldn’t take pictures inside, but the show was great! I really enjoyed it, and it was my first broadway musical experience (yay!). Sure I’ve had the soundtrack stuck in my head for a week, but it was totally worth it!

The Pantages is super fancy inside, which definitely improved the experience! This was my first time inside

The best part is that I constantly have opportunities like this, whether its through Visions and Voices, the Cinema School film screenings (they show hit movies a few weeks early – I saw Wreck It Ralph through them with Radhika!), residential community events, or student discounts from the ticket office.

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