THUMS Island Field Trip with SPE

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In February I was able to go on a field trip with the Society of Petroleum Engineers to THUMS Islands in Long Beach. The THUMS Islands are four islands off the shore of Long Beach that produce oil and gas from the Wilmington Field, one of the largest oil fields in the US. The islands are unique because they are in such an urban environment, so they have to look nice and not create a lot of sound for the residents on shore. It was really cool to see the drilling rigs and all of the other equipment associated with the well sites. Plus, it was a beautiful day to get away from downtown to feel a nice ocean breeze. We even got to see some sea lions!


Sea lions! The blue tower is actually a drilling rig. As a member of SPE, I get a lot of hands-on experience to complement the courses I’m taking in school (you can find out more about SPE here). Being part of a professional society gives me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only can I go on field trips, but SPE will bring equipment on campus for us to look at as well. Of course, there are also many networking events where I am able to meet engineers that are working in the industry. These engineers give great advice, and it always help to know engineers in the industry when I’m looking for internships. Overall it was a wonderful field trip, and I look forward to going on more!

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