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Hey everybody! I’m Siena, a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering from Santa Barbara, California. On campus, I work at the USC Combustion Physics Lab, where I help conduct research on hydrogen flames. I also am a Freshman Academy Coach, a math mentor at a local elementary school through JEP, and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta social sorority. Over past summers and winter break I have interned at Neil Feay Co and Anasys Instruments in Santa Barbara and studied abroad in Rome through the Viterbi Overseas Program. In my free time I love hiking, going to the beach with friends, and finding new ice cream places in LA! Feel free to scroll through the rest of my page or follow my insta to check out my life at USC! Fight on!

My Favorite Places in LA


As a Freshmen Academy Coach, I mentor first-semester Viterbi students and co-teach a class that introduces them to the field of engineering and builds their sense of community within the Viterbi School of Engineering.
I currently assist with experimentally studying the effect different stoichiometric mixture fractions have on the propagation speed of the edge of a hydrogen flame in Dr. Ronney’s Combustion Physics Lab.
Last summer I went to Rome, Italy with the Viterbi Overseas Program, a 7 week study abroad program for engineering students. Through this program , I spent my summer exploring Italy, making best friends, and taking Thermodynamics and History classes.

My Major at USC: Mechanical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
I took AP Computer Science in high school and didn’t really like it so I was not expect to like this class as much as I did. Turns out, programming is actually really fun! Figuring out the homeworks each week was weirdly so rewarding and I loved that by the end of the semester I felt like I had learned so much information. Being able to use Matlab is also a very practical skill that will probably come in handy later in my college education and career!
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Don’t underestimate the importance of rewriting and re-visiting your essays and short answers. I promise the more time you spend on them, the better they’ll be!

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Applying to college can seem like this massive, overwhelming undertaking, but it’s really only a couple forms and essays (although, yes, pretty important ones). Don’t be off put by how scary starting can be and just start doing a bit every day.

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My Favorite Shows

  • Friends is the Best. Show. Ever!!! I grew up with Friends always on TV and although I’ve never actually watched it through, I’m sure I’ve seen every episode at least twice.

  • Parks and Rec is basically a cuter, less awkward version of The Office. The 2nd season was probably the best but honestly every episode is hilarious. All of the characters are so quirky and ridiculous it’s hard not to love.