Viterbi Trek: Networking in the SCilicon Valley

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Hey my people!

Rather than going to Cabo or Hawaii this spring break, I spent the beginning of my break on a trip called Viterbi Trek. Viterbi Trek is essentially an all expenses paid three day trip to visit Silicon Valley tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. The trip was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to a variety of different career opportunities, expanded my professional network, answered many of my career questions, and brought me closer to 19 of my Viterbi peers. It was an action packed experienced full of networking dinners, employee panels, and lots and lots of free swag. Some of the biggest highlights included getting ice cream at a dessert shop in the Facebook campus, jumping into the Google ball pit, learning more about what it means to be a venture capitalist from recent Viterbi alumni, and being the first outside group to tour the brand new Apple headquarters. We also talked with Viterbi alumni at all nine companies we visited, which opened my eyes to how big the #TrojanFamily really is.

One thing I have really appreciated about my experience in Viterbi is how much the staff does to support their students’ professional goals. Viterbi Trek is just one of the many career-oriented programs Viterbi offers. Every semester is full of company information sessions, career fairs and networking events. As long as you pay attention to your email inbox, there are so many amazing opportunities to take advantage of.

P.S. Check out some photos below for more from the trip!

Fighting on with an unexpected friend at Google

Being weird outside the incredibly aesthetic Apple visitor center

Google ball pit!!

Dance dance revolution in the Facebook arcade

Chris blending in with his fellow Sims at Electronic Arts

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