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Hey guys, exciting life update: I just found out that this winter break I officially will be traveling to Israel for 10 days with USC Hillel through Birthright!

Some background because I know for a fact I didn’t know what any of those words meant before coming to USC:
Hillel is an organization at USC that works to enrich the lives of Jewish graduate and undergraduate students by hosting different religious services, holiday celebrations, and fun programs. Every winter and summer break, Hillel takes a group of Jewish USC students to Israel on Birthright. Birthright is a non profit organization that sponsors entirely free 10 day trips to Israel for young adults with at least one Jewish grandparent.

I had heard about Birthright at the beginning of my freshman year at USC and immediately decided that at some point in my 4 years here I had to participate. A couple weeks ago, my freshman year roommate and I were talking about it and decided there was no reason not to just apply now! I’m now traveling with her, some of my friends from my freshman dorm building, a friend from my Viterbi Summer Abroad trip, and a bunch of other cool USC students who I’ll meet soon.

Me when I found out I was going on Birthright!

I am beyond excited to explore the country, feel more connected to my Jewish heritage and culture, learn A LOT, and make great memories with great friends!

Even if you’re not Jewish or Birthright isn’t something that interests you, it’s important to keep in mind how many cool opportunities and programs exist at USC. There are so many amazing things to get involved with here if you just take the time to find them!

Can’t wait to write about my experience after the trip!

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