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One of my all time favorite involvements at USC is being a Freshman Academy coach. As a coach, I coteach the Engr 102 Freshman Academy class, which exposes first semester freshman different engineering fields and helps acclimate students to life in Viterbi. As well as grading homework and coming up with lessons, my co coach and I also plan “out of class activities,” our unnecessarily fancy term for field trips, for our students. So far, we’ve planned activities such as taking our students to the California Science Center and hosting study and snacks days.

Our most recent out of class activity was a trip to the Getty Villa and Venice Beach with one of the other Academy classes and the class professor. Our professor knew a bunch of random, cool facts about the Getty Villa, so that was incredibly interesting! The Villa is also so gorgeous, so a bunch of us got some cute, instagramable pictures. After an hour of two at the Villa, we stopped for lunch and then headed to the beach. Our professor does research on tsunamis and costal erosion, so while we were there he explained some of his work and showed us some  equipment he actually uses. It was a super fun day and a great way to get of campus and bond with some fellow engineers!! Overall, a 10/10 trip! Check out some fun pics below:

Two of the other coaches and I at the Getty Villa!!

Professor Synolakis explaining his research at Venice Beach

My Academy student with fancy equipment

Some really great humans

Engr 102 is basically just the best

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