Destressing in the Last Week of Classes

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This past week was the last week of classes before study days and finals. Naturally, it was an incredibly busy week full of several very late nights and far too many deadlines. I’m pretty sure every one of my classes and a huge project, essay, or homework set due. Even though it was an incredibly busy week, it surprisingly wasn’t that horrible. A lot of small, happy moments made the stress manageable. Here are a couple non-stressful things from the week:

Sunday: The first thing we did when we came home from Thanksgiving break was decorate our apartment for the holiday’s! We put up three tinsel trees, mistletoe, snowflake stickers and extra lights. I think we all needed to take the time to get into the holiday spirit before diving back into school work.

Monday: My freshmen academy students presented their Rube Goldberg machine final projects and they were all amazing!! It was so much fun to see the projects our students had spent so long working on!

Here’s a link to video of one of the Rube Goldberg machines!

Tuesday: My roommates and I made pumpkin muffins which was a very much needed break from mounds of homework!!

Wednesday: One of my roommates impulse-bought a 1000 piece puzzle. We were all unreasonably excited and finished the whole thing in under 24 hours. You can’t tell me that’s not impressive.

Thursday: A friend of mine got the cutest puppy ever, so we went to go play with it! It was impossible to feel stressed while hanging out with this pup!!

Friday: One of my best friends, Vanessa, and I went to our sorority invite together. It was so much fun and a great reward for finishing up a hectic week!

Moral of the story: In college, crazy busy weeks are inevitable. I can tell you now that there will be times when everything seems to be due at once and you’re convinced your professors are conspiring against you. Even when life gets stressful, try to appreciate the good moments and remember that it’s important to take a short break to destress! That’s it for now lads and ladies! Good luck with the end of the semester and Happy Holidays!!

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