Why Would I Ever Watch a Movie for Class?

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If this headline doesn’t bring you in for the article, I don’t know what will. Yes it is very true I was able to watch a movie on the Beatles for “Homework” this week in my General Education class, The politics and culture of the 1960’s. This was a dream come true for me. I was able to sit back and watch a movie about a day in the life of the Beatles, with an interluding soundtrack every 15 minutes. Count me in!

However, this isn’t my first time watching a movie for class. It wasn’t even my second or third. Once you arrive at college, the classes you take are under your control. You want to take a class about sailing, Race and Culture in Los Angeles, or the psychology of happiness, GO FOR IT! The most amazing part of college is being able to take these rigorous engineering classes, but being able to diversify your knowledge with General Education classes spanning from life sciences to a globalization of ideas. I have found myself interested recently in the arts and religion of our history so I enrolled in Introduction to Buddhism and The 1960’s class.

Along with this, I took a class my first semester at USC, Introduction to Cinema. Something you will definitely hear about being a great class due to an amazing, passionate professor, Dr. Casper.

You arrive into the four hour lecture and listen to him speak for 2 hours straight with no pause and then watch a movie you might have never seen before and relic in the beauty of the film for “class”. It is a win-win for everybody, you get to watch film and USC broadens students’ education into a new realm out of their majors and minors.

If you don't take my word on it, at least check out the Daily Trojan article about how absolutely amazing this class is. Thanks to these classes, I am able to watch a movie and realizing how small details about the film that produce such a great impact on us. And that is something I hope to use for the rest of my life. Sounds pretty awesome to me!
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