Weekend in Boston: Shuntaro Freezes

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So this blog post is about my weekend trip to Boston! Do not be mistaken, even though the weather was around 30 degrees, my southern Californian body almost froze on the last day during my weekend trip to visit my friend.

The whole weekend was spent meeting a plethora of new people. It was absolutely amazing. They actually had lil Yachty on campus for a concert so my friend and I went and danced there then we saw a Red Sox game, and just spent some genuine time catching up about what has happened our Junior year.

I think one of my biggest concerns I had from visiting other schools, is wondering if I made the right decision going to USC. My personality type has always lead me to wonder if there is a better option out there for me. While this may allow me to always be looking for opportunities, a lot of the time it causes unnecessary stress. This year has been great, in my Buddhism class I learned a lot about the impermanence of our actions and how we need to come to terms with the reality of life! Visiting this weekend really ensured me that USC is the place for me. I swear it was more than just the cold that convinced me of this! I have had this conversation so much recently, but my favorite things about USC always have to do with the people. Something about the application procedure brings some fantastic, genuine, interesting, and sincere people here to school at USC. While these people are absolutely amazing and I could go all day talking about them, I think the purpose of this blog is to show that its also important to keep in contact with the people you grew up with! Shout out to you Alex Popovski! and here are some of the pictures I took over the weekend.

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