Troy Camp: Tutoring, Friendship, and Much More

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You might be wondering what Troy Camp is! It is quite possibly the greatest organization in the history of the world!

Imagine this, a busy week of engineering classes and extra curricular activities. What would take away all the stress? Acting like a kid and making an impact. Through this organization you will have hours in the week to hang out with some of the greatest students from the local area and the potential to attend some great events like Disneyland and Summer Camp!

I think when you think of engineering organizations, you begin to go down the rabbit hole of applying engineering knowledge into tackling some large problems in AICHE car or Steel Bridge. However, one part of an engineer's curriculum is developing soft skills of communication, leadership, and discipline. The best part of this is knowing that your time is spent doing some amazing things with some great kids. Viterbi offers so many great opportunities, but Los Angeles offers so much as a city. An opportunity to grow and develop as an engineer and as a person! When you come to USC you will learn so much about yourself and the local community and it has been my favorite part of my USC experience!

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