Fantasy Football: Reaction Engineering?

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Fantasy Football is probably the bane of my existence. However, it truly shows the engineer within the real world and me!

First of all the concept of this game is absolutely amazing. The programmers of this game made a regular fan of the NFL that watches one game into the fan that streams seven to eight games every single week. That is true engineering there! Absolutely genius.

Then there is the algorithm that predicts how your first-pick stud player or your late round pick up will perform against the other team. This is when the inner engineer comes out. How does the algorithm predict this? Do they look at recent performance and statistics of the opposing team or extra combination of things? How accurate are these predictions?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

But, I think the true fascination with the game is the mass amount of engineering behind pretty much everything we use. How computer science was able to program an application that creates an NFL fan in everyone, the mechanical engineer that designed the Television you are watching the game on to the possible chemical engineer that helped mass produce these products.

As an engineer you begin to appreciate your technology, you see just how applicable your engineering degree is, and finally you can start off the season 0-4 in your fantasy league.

If you have any recommendations for the a waiver pick up please leave a comment!

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