Senioritis in College? No Way!

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This blog post is going be delving into the hectic year that one calls Senior Year!

I feel like we should talk about the most exciting part of the year, Classes!! Right now, I am currently taking a chemical engineering lab, heat transfer, material sciences, and a computer-aided design class. Along with that I am enrolled in a chemical nanotechnology elective called Sustainable Energy for my emphasis and a political science class that discusses Environmental challenges. It is amazing to see my love for nature reflected in the classes I am taking as a chemical engineer and a regular citizen!

However, senior year is much more than that! it is about making the most out of your last year at USC. This for me has meant getting involved with working with the local middle schoolers, attending football games with my friends, finding a job, and lastly getting started the fantasy football league again.
The most important thing I have learned from my whole college experience is that you will make time for the things that matter for you. This is different for each college student and it is honestly all up to you to figure it out. The picture above is from the past weekend where I roadtripped up to Stanford to watch our Trojans play! Thanks for checking out the blog and heres to making the most out of senior year and LIFE
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Shuntaro is a senior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of nature and Game of Thrones. Click above to find out more.

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