SCuppers or Suppers?

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The biggest question on campus. How is this word "SCuppers" pronounced? Is the C silent? These questions are the ones in life that must be asked. You might even be asking to yourself, "What is this SCupper madness Shuntaro is talking about?"

Well let me tell you! SCuppers is a wonderful event that occurs once a year, where alumni take students out to dinner and pretty much the only requirement is that you 1.) Are a part of the Student Alumni Society and 2.) You just want to talk to some alumni! Pretty simple. These dinners are put together by the alumni association and Society 53 (an awesome student organization that I am in!) On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I went on a dinner with a group of students and alumni that change every night! One night I was talking to undergraduate and graduate students from different majors along with alumni ranging from lawyers to camera operators to HR managers.

Here are some pictures from the event!
Image Image
As a prospective student, you must hear so much about the alumni network at USC. You might believe its true or you might think its the biggest lie in the world! But from my personal experience, the alumni are such an important part of this school. I am not afraid of graduating since I'll become an alumni and still be a part of this school FOREVER! I hope to one day become an alumni too and maybe one of you guys reading this post will be in my SCupper group. Hopefully by that time I will know how to pronounce it!
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