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So this blog post is about my spring break! Over the week, my roommates and I visited one of my friend's hometown, Austin Texas!

Looking back at highschool Shuntaro, I never thought I would ever move outside of Southern California. Growing up in Irvine made me believe that I would never leave the beach and sunshine. Now after going to this amazing city, I definitely hope to spend my years after college in a new city. This realization was brought upon me thanks to my amazing roommates!

The week was spent in the most relaxing manner and I absolutely loved it. We went fishing every single day, ate amazing barbecue, and fished some more. One of my favorite activities was "floating". The weather was around 85 degrees outside and we rented inner tubes and just floated down the river listening to music and taking in the sun. It was amazing, I have never seen anything like this. Another realization I had was that the buildings in Austin are so unique. Each house is not uniform with a certain style and the mix of city, parks, and countryside all merged into one. This was something I have never seen throughout my time in Southern California.

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I think one of the greatest things is that I get to learn so much from my roommates and the people I surround myself with. Along with that they are willing to open up their home and show you around the whole city. Whether it be trying out Whattaburger and seeing if its better than In N' Out or fishing in a state park, these new experiences teach me so much about the things I like and the places I want to see! I thank my roommates for such an amazing week and I hope to go back to Austin sometime soon!
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Shuntaro is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of nature and Game of Thrones. Click above to find out more.

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