It’s back. It’s the Best. It’s Fantasy Football

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It's BACK!!!! The fall season brings the greatest gifts: school. football, college football, amazing weather, and HALLOWEEN!

Shoutout to Daniel Donchev for encouraging me to make this yearly fantasy football post. If you are interested in Biomedical Engineering or just being an awesome human being make sure to check out his page!

This year of fantasy football has been completely different. I have started the season 3-0 with some absolute beasts on the team. If you remember last year's blog I believe I started the season about 0-3. However, this is a new year filled with new fascination with Fantasy Football.

This year I have decided to understand the data for Fantasy Football on a deeper level. I took data from the year before to compare the projected vs. actual points accrued. From the excel sheet below, the yellow cells mark bye weeks or injured/non playing weeks while the red cells show the weeks where the players (QB for this screenshot) performed worse than projected.

This got me thinking. Could I apply basic behavioral economics to analyze the Fantasy Football world to understand why people do the things they do? Does this projection model affect people's behavior when searching for new players? The current project I am looking on is analyzing players from the 2018 NFL season in the mid tier rank to understand if their performance compared to projections would affect their willingness to trade? This relates to the Behavioral Economic term "Sunk-Cost Bias" where people are reluctant to throw/trade away goods due to their knowledge of the initial cost. By looking at trading rates and ownership values I can have a deeper look into the innately loss averse behavior of human beings in a market that isn't the traditional market. The Fantasy Football applied IBM Watson this year to understand the trends of players which is amazing to see my curiosity of fantasy football and numbers is shared among others! I have talked to multiple recruiters who were interested with my fascination with Fantasy Football so my advice for this blog post is to pursue your passion or interests no matter how absurd it might be!

Also here is my starting lineup for this year! Have a great rest of your weekend as always Fight On!
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