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"Why USC?" I have been getting this question a bunch since I am graduating soon. Us seniors like to reminisce back on these times when we were applying to colleges hoping to find the right place.

One of my answers to that question for why I picked USC definitely has to be my sister. I still remember coming to USC to visit her for parent's day weekend and helping her move in. These were my first times on campus, but I knew I wanted to come to USC to follow my sister. You can even see in this picture below that I was always trying to copy my sister whether it was the really cool bear shirts we had or choosing between schools.

After deciding I wanted to go to USC, my parents took me to campus over the summer to walk around the school. I somehow stumbled into Ronald Tutor Hall (my future home!). I walked up to the receptionist and asked if I would be able to get a pamphlet to learn more about the school. The receptionist told me that the Associate Dean of Admissions would be able to speak with me in about 15 minutes. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. First of all I had no idea what engineering was and secondly I just decided that I wanted to go to USC because of my sister. However all my nerves and worries disappeared as we talked about my interests in sports and engineering and why USC was the right place for me. For a admission staff member to take time out of their day to speak with me was unbelievable. At that moment I knew I would do anything to go to USC no matter what it took. I accomplished that in 2016 as my sister and I were able to share our last "first-day of school" picture together.

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