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Ever wanted to take a class on America that is going to make you look like this?

Well then look no further! My General Education class I am taking this semester is AMST 206: The Politics and Culture of the 1960's. I have taken this class for about a couple of weeks, and I have been able to learn more in it than any other class I have ever taken.

The reason I am taking this class starts off with a little story like this. Little Shuntaro Nishi back in junior year of high school created a Pandora Radio for songs from the 60's Goldies. Songs like Runaround Sue and Return to Sender filled my ears.
So I signed up for this class and I did not know it would change my outlook on the way I have spent my college experience. The class itself taught me about the real history of America that my high school classes never touched upon. We started by discussing issues such as civil rights, communism, and all the other things the 60's has to offer.

I began to take in all this new information and think about my generation I am living in. How come we don't fight passionately for activism like we used to? Why were the teenagers able to take matters into their own hands?
Then I realized, the reason I am currently taking this class is not to memorize these events in history like the Cuban Missile Crisis or The Kitchen Debate. The reason to learn this is so these issues of racism, nuclear fear, and bigotry can be a thing of the past. Weird how a playlist could take me this far!
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