Sheetal Madnani

Chemical Engineering,
Class of 2021

Guangzhou, China

Hey, welcome to my page! I’m a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Sustainable Energy and a minor in Political Science: Law and Public Policy. Here at USC I am actively involved with the university’s nationally ranked Model United Nations team, traveling to conferences across the country to debate global issues and engage in creative simulations. I also conduct research in the Hodge Nanotechnology Lab, and this past summer I explored my interests in the environmental sector by interning in Shanghai, China, through the USC Global Fellows program. You can typically find me exploring all types of eateries, as many bookstores as possible, and the cheesiest tourist spots in LA!

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Each one of us has the moral responsibility to do the absolute best that we can 

christiana figueres, executive secretary of the un framework on climate change

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My Favorite LA Spots

2 Truths, 1 Lie

True! Thai food is my go-to comfort food; my dad’s side of the family lives in Bangkok, so I grew up eating a lot of it at home.

My Involvements

  • The USC chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is an organization that hosts professional, social, and academic events for all chemical engineering undergraduates here on campus. AIChE is a wonderful way to forge friendships with people within my major, as well as get advice from older chemical engineers! Last semester I was involved with AIChE through my role on the organizing board of the AIChE Western Regional Conference, an event that we hosted at USC with attendees from chemical engineering departments from universities across California, Nevada, and Arizona. 

  • MUNSC is a student organization on campus that engages in debate and simulation competitions across the country, where our members debate global issues, collaborate to create policy solutions, and solve problems in a creative setting. We also host two conferences every year; one for high school students where we try to foster an interest in international relations and help younger students with public speaking, and one for our competitors on the collegiate circuit. I currently serve as a Director of Training for the general club, and am spearheading one of the creative departments for our upcoming conference, TrojanMUN! 

  • The Hodge Materials and Nanotechnology lab here on campus is a collaboration between the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department and the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science departments here at USC, and the research I am involved with at this group is often interdisciplinary. I am currently working on a project with nickel super alloys, which are very strong materials being used in rockets! 

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 My Favourite USC Tradition

  • The Trojan school spirit is one of my favorite things about USC, and the culmination of football season is often Conquest, a concert and celebrations event held during Rivalry Week, right before the USC-UCLA football game. Conquest is a wonderful opportunity to view the beautiful campus from a height (by sitting on a portable Ferris Wheel!), witness the USC-UCLA rivalry in all its glory, and lose your voice by singing along as loudly as possible to the Fight Song with the Trojan Marching Band. Fight on, and Beat the Bruins! 

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My Major: Chemical Engineering

     Why Chemical?

In high school, my favorite classes were chemistry and math, and so Chemical Engineering always felt like the natural choice since it so easily blends these disciplines (as well as physics)! In addition, Chemical Engineering is truly one of the most diverse majors to study, with graduates going on to pursue careers in all types of industries, ranging from pharmaceutics, the environment, and energy, to more unconventional routes such as law and public policy. As someone who wants to leverage their knowledge of science and mathematics to follow some of these more unconventional career paths (I'm interested in both the environment and the policy sector), becoming a chemical engineer was the perfect way to build these analytical and problem-solving skills that are so inherent in a variety of careers!

Passion in my Field

  • Countries around the world are adopting innovating nuclear energy technologies in an effort to combat climate change by transitioning to alternative fuels! Pictured here is the Sanmen nuclear power plant in China.

  • A recent study has found that analysing shipwrecks from WWI can provide valuable data about seabeds that could prove useful for future offshore wind turbine installation. I found this to be a really cool combination of two of my biggest interests: history and engineering for sustainability!

  • Air pollution is a larger threat to global health than it has ever been, but one positive response to this global crisis has been the increase in awareness campaigns regarding global air quality. One such campaign is the Earth Day 2020 Citizen Science Initiative!

Passion in the Classroom 

My Favorite Courses

This was one of the first classes I took here at USC and it remains one of my favorites so far! Not only did I learn fascinating things about a range of ancient civilizations and develop my love for the classical period, but Professor Seligson was also one of the most inspiring and enthusiastic instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a class with. We also had the opportunity to explore practical aspects of archaeology with our engaging discussions, museum field trips, and cumulative research project, and as an engineer, it was very exciting to see how important having a scientific background is in historical research and excavations!