Shayna Goes Abroad Part 3: School/Travel Balance

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The best part about taking a lighter course load in Hong Kong than I normally do at USC is using that free time to travel. My first two weekends of actually being in school here, I left Hong Kong. My first trip was to Macau, aka the Vegas of Asia. Half cobblestone streets and Portuguese style buildings, and half giant themed hotels with big-spender casinos, Macau was a crazy place to see.

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The next weekend I was off to Taiwan, for the Lantern Festival that celebrates the first full moon after the new year. In a jam-packed 72 hours we explored Taipei, and went to Pingxi to release our own lanterns to the sky for good luck (picture the lanterns in the Disney movie Tangled). It was so beautiful, and there was soo much good street food.

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Between travels I did manage to make it to my first two weeks of class, and discover that with only biweekly homework assignments and one midterm each (as opposed to the weekly homeworks and two or three midterms I’m used to from Viterbi) I’m going to have a lot of time for more travels to come. But this weekend, I’m excited to stay and explore Hong Kong a little more.


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