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Being President of a club is no easy task. On top of school, work, and having a social life, you’re responsible for running an entire organization. As President of the National Society of Black Engineers it’s my job to making sure professional, social, and academic events happen and run smoothly, maintain corporate relationships, and manage an e-board of 15 people, as well as fund raise and allocate money in order to send members to conferences. The wonderful things is I absolutely love my organization and totally stand behind our mission to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

One of the requirements of a Viterbi cub president is to attend the Viterbi Presidents Council retreat to meet other club eboard members, learn leadership skills, understand how to run a club, and learn about the resources your club can utilize throughout the year.

Viterbi Club Presidents

To be honest, I was kinda of hesitant that the retreat was gonna be a bore, but I ended up making new friends and having an awesome time!

The retreat began of Saturday morning with our bus to the facility being over an hour late. Once the bus arrived, we all loaded up and headed to this quaint retreat center in Santa Monica. The house had a Victorian fee and had many shared bedrooms and bathrooms. We had lunch right away and were off to go to some leadership activities.

The first activities were teambuilding and got us warmed up. Bethany and I struggled to untaggle ourselves from being connected and waited for other to figure it out.

We then all went through a series of rope courses to test our limits, get over fears, and learn more about ourselves. For the first major course you had to jump of a 40 foot (ish I don’t really know) tree ledge. I tried to be really confident and cocky and boyyyyy was I a nervous wreck when I got up there. I was terrified jumping off the ledge and my stomach turned during the decent. The next ropes course wasnt much better as me and a partner had to go across a tight rope which is an uncomfortable height off the ground. As a leader I stepped back and noticed that the person I was with was much more equipped to lead us. While I was shaking, scared to death, she lead us to the other side in record time.

People who are not me doing the courses that I also did

These activities helped me learn a lot of about myself and allowed me to make some new friends. Some who I have had class with for 4 years and didn’t even know their name!

The rest of the retreat was filled with free food and snacks and presentations that allowed the presidents to understand their roles and resources. I found it super informative and helpful. Even the icebreakers and energizers were fun and things that I could definitely use for my Freshman Academy Class.

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