Why USC Is the Perfect School for Me

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I’m currently in denial over the fact that in a little less than two months the semester is going to be over, I’ll start interning at Texas Instrument, and I’ll be classified as a senior. I’m not ready for my time at USC to come to an end. As I look forward to my final year as an undergrad at USC, it’s hard to remember that time when I was trying to decide where to go to school. I can’t believe that I had my doubts about coming out to California, but I’m glad I took a risk and left Texas. USC has become home.


Unlike some people at USC, I was not born and raised a Trojan. Both of my parents went to small schools in the Dallas, Texas area, and the idea of going out to college in California seemed quite daunting.  When April rolled around, and it was time to make my decision on where I was to spend the next four years, I was debating between USC, Vanderbilt, University of Texas at Austin, and Washington University in St. Louis.


I first fell in love with USC when I came out for Explore USC. I loved how the Trojan spirit seemed to flow through the campus. It was very easy to see how much everyone loved being at USC.  Throughout my time here, my love of this school has continued to grow every day. Here are a few reasons why I love going to school at USC!


It’s more than just an engineering school.

One of my favorite things about Viterbi is how much the school encourages its students to adopt the idea of Viterbi Plus. Viterbi plus whatever other activities or studies you want to pursue, regardless of what school they may be in. This idea has created such a diverse engineering student body, which I love interacting with on a daily basis. Within my close friend group, I have friends on the rowing team, on the equestrian and polo team, in the band, and pursuing a film minor. I know engineers involved in research, Viterbi organizations, Greek Life, Volunteer groups, and so many other organizations around the university, and this diversity makes for some great conversations both inside and out of the classroom. Personally, I am in a social sorority, on the executive board of Order of Omega, the Greek honors society, and have taken classes such as ballroom dancing and guitar during my time here.


Alex and I loved dancing the foxtrot in our ballroom dancing class

Alex and I loved dancing the foxtrot in our ballroom dancing class


It’s in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in the US.

I love living in LA! There is always something going on. We’re in close proximity to the beach, and students frequently go there on the weekend. We’re also close to the mountains, and I have several friends who love going up to the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding when they have time. LA always has something going on, be it a new restaurant opening up or a new exhibit at the museum.


I love trying new restaurants with my family and friends



USC’s student section at a football game is one of my favorite places in the world. I love watching the entire university come together to cheer on our football team. It’s so exciting to see McCarthy Quad completely covered in red and gold. The football games are just one of many times that the different schools and years at USC all come together to make up one big Trojan Family.

The amount of school spirit on game days is phenomenal

The amount of school spirit on game days is phenomenal


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