My Favorite Study Spots: My Sorority House and the Engineering Quad

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Hey y’all!

With midterm season finally coming to an end, I figured I ought to tell y’all what some of my favorite places to study around campus are!

I spend most of my time studying in my apartment. I like how quite it is and how I have everything I need only a few feet away, but when I’m not studying in my apartment, my two favorite to study are my sorority’s dining room and the engineering quad.

I love studying at my sorority house in the dining room because it makes it really easy for a big group of us to all study together. A few other girls in my sorority are in my thermodynamics class with me, and we meet up at the house every Sunday night to get a head start on that week’s homework! There’s also lots of yummy food there that makes for the perfect snack break!

Studying hard for our thermodynamics midterm!

Studying hard for our thermodynamics midterm!

Another one of my favorite spots to study is the engineering quad. The engineering quad got remodeled this year, and it’s now the ideal place to study. There’s a really pretty and relaxing fountain with lots of umbrella covered tables and comfy lounge chairs around it. It’s a really convenient place to study because it’s right next to Ronald Tutor Hall, which has RTH café that serves delicious sandwiches, salads, and snack foods! In case you couldn’t already tell, proximity to food is a big factor in where I study. It’s also convenient that the quad is in the middle of the engineering school, meaning when you’re studying there you’re really close to most of your professors’ offices, and you can pop in quickly to ask them questions as you come across them!

Finishing up some physics homework in the E Quad!

Finishing up some physics homework in the E Quad!


Have a good week!


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