A “Grand” Weekend!

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Hey Y’all!

First off, that game with Stanford this weekend! All I have to say about that is “Timber” and “Fight On”. I’m so proud of our team and how well they have been doing these past two games! Hopefully this momentum they’re building will carry them through the rest of the season.

This weekend I got to mark something off my bucket list: going to the Grand Canyon!  I’ve wanted to go to the Grand Canyon since I was a little kid, and Patrick and I decided this would be the perfect weekend to make the 8 hour drive out into Arizona.

Right when we pulled up to the Visitors’ Center, we got our first view of the massive canyon. I was expecting it to be massive, but the size I had pictured in my mind paled in comparison to the vast expanse I saw in front of me.

A panorama of the canyon!

A panorama of the canyon!

Patrick and I decided to rent bikes for the weekend, and we biked out about 10 miles to a historical landmark called “Hermit’s Rest”.  Along the way, we saw a lot of wildlife including two deer and a moose! Check out some of my pictures from the weekend below!

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Overall, going to the Grand Canyon was a fantastic way to spend the weekend! If you’ve never gone before, I strongly encourage you to find time to make the trek out there!


Fight on!


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