Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology)
Class of 2016
Dallas, TX
Last semester, I decided to take a shake up my schedule e and enroll in DANC 188A: International Style Ballroom Dancing!  We learned a variety of different dances, and it definitely provided great balance to my chemical engineering classes!
One of my favorite involvements is the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  This upcoming year I’m going to be president, and I’m very excited to plan events for my fellow chemE’s and get them involved in networking and social opportunites!
Even though I am a Chemical Engineer, I’ve spent this year working in what is traditionally a mechanical engineering lab: Physics Combustion Laboratory (PCL)! I got involved in PCL simply by emailing Professor Ronney and expressing my interest.  In the PCL, I’m working on designing microscale combustion engines and creating them using 3D printing!

Hey y’all!  My name is Sarah and I am a junior studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in nanotechnology from Dallas, Texas! On campus, I’m involved in a wide variety of things both within Viterbi and around the university in general including being President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, in a social sorority, on the board of Order of Omega, the greek honors society, working in a research lab, and serving as a Freshman Academy Coach! This past summer, I studied abroad in Rome through the Viterbi Overseas Program. 

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