My Favorite Student Org: Delta Kappa Alpha

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I have been lucky in my time at USC to get involved with and inspired by many people and groups that I never could have imagined being a part of before college.  Delta Kappa Alpha, the professional Cinematic Arts fraternity on campus, has been extremely beneficial to me as an individual for many reasons, and is my favorite student organization …


Summer Internships at Walt Disney World and Future Plans

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For the first two summers of college, I was lucky enough to get internship experience at the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World.  The first summer, I worked in the Environmental Engineering department, performing tasks like data analysis to see the ways in which we could reduce energy consumption in the parks and resorts.  My second summer, I interned …


Delta Kappa Alpha Philanthropy Movie Night!

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This semester, I am the Philanthropy chair for Delta Kappa Alpha, the professional Cinematic Arts fraternity.  As the Philanthropy chair, I am responsible for planning service events, in addition to providing opportunities for fraternity members to get involved in the local and/or global community.  Last night, I planned “DKA Movie Night”, which was a really fun event where we watched …


My Favorite Class(es) – Mechanical Design and Film Symposium!

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This semester, I have two favorite classes: AME305 (Mechanical Design) and CTCS466 (Theatrical Film Symposium).  These classes are, of course, very different because AME305 satisfies an elective credit for my Mechanical Engineering degree and CTCS466 satisfies an elective credit for my minor in Cinematic Arts.  I love how different these classes are, because I constantly get to exercise different parts …


My Weekender in San Francisco!

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This weekend, I got to make the trip up to San Francisco for the “Weekender”.  The “Weekender” is when USC students all make the trip up to Northern California for the football game, either against Cal or Stanford.  It’s an incredible experience because USC basically takes over the entire city for the weekend – you can’t go anywhere without running …


Advice to My Freshman Self: Follow Your Passions

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Coming into USC, I wanted to be pre-dental on top of my Mechanical Engineering degree.  Once I started taking classes, however, I realized that I was far more excited about Engineering than I was about general chemistry and biology classes.  Beyond that, in high school I had always been interested in film and photography, and I was planning to give …


Visiting Campus Was How I Knew USC Was For Me.

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I really was not convinced about coming to USC until I visited campus.  I’m originally from Florida, and I applied to USC because it has an incredible academic program and a lot of opportunities for success after college.  However, many of the schools I applied to had these kinds of reputations, and also were a lot closer to home.  It …


I Chose USC in Search of a Balanced Brain

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I’ve taken personality tests that reveal that I am neither right-brained nor left-brained, but am actually split 50-50 between the two.  This is both a blessing and a curse, because it means that I am a person with a variety of very different passions.  I love math and science and problem solving, but I also love art and music and …


Living in the Pi Palace

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For the past two years, I have been able to live at my sorority house, which is just a few blocks away from campus on 28th street.  Living in the ADPi house, or the Pi Palace as we call it, has been an incredible experience for me.  Living here is convenient, affordable, and most of all, it’s fun! After living …


Engineering is Engineering…But What Else Can You Get?

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When I was looking at schools, one of the things my dad, a Mechanical Engineer, said to me was “Engineering is engineering is engineering…you have to consider everything that comes with it.”  What my dad meant by this was that an engineering education is pretty similar from school to school – classes and the building blocks you need to earn …


More About India

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In my blog last week, I briefly discussed my trip to India.  Over Winter Break, I had the opportunity to travel to Rajasthan, India with the USC Volunteer Center.  This week, I want to delve into further detail about the trip that changed my life.


Is Fall Really Already Over?

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Wow.  It’s hard to believe that the Fall Semester is already coming to an end.  This has been a crazy semester for a lot of reasons – it was probably the busiest semester of my life! I took six classes, maintained involvement in my extracurriculars, and took on some extra responsibilities and leadership positions.  When thinking back to the highlights …

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My Favorite Spot in LA: Melrose

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One of the things I love most about going to school at USC is the access students have to the city of Los Angeles.  There is so much to do – you can shop, visit museums, go hiking, swim in the Pacific Ocean, ski in snowy mountains – and you can do that all in one day.  I’ve been lucky …