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Hey hey! IT’S MY LAST! SEMESTER! AT! USC! It still feels so strange saying that out loud, time has honestly flown by. I’m trying to balance my time between finishing up my coursework, transitioning organization leadership positions, hanging out with friends, and some necessary self-care/self improvement. I wanted to write a quick post about the things I’m looking forward to most this semester, and what I hope to check off before graduation!

1. My film symposium class! I’m taking CTCS 466, or film symposium as it’s known on campus, with a bunch of friends this semester. The class is four hours long, but includes a short lecture, a full screening of an unreleased Hollywood movie, a Q&A with people involved in the making of the film, and a discussion of the previous week’s film. So far, we’ve watched IO (netflix), Never Look Away (an absolutely gorgeous German language film), and Miss Bala, a new Gina Rodriguez action movie. Never Look Away has been my favorite so far, and I’m stoked for the rest of the semester– rumor has it we’ll be watching both Captain Marvel and the new Avengers movie 🙂

2. Concerts!! I’ve written at least 2 or 3 separate posts on concerts at this point; I love the LA music scene. I have a running bucket list of venues I want to check off before moving out of LA, and have a few shows in mind that I want to hit. I’ve already been to another Sofar show (read my post about sofar sounds here) ^^ check out the pic of my friends and I from the show!

3. Cooking!! Anyone who knows me will know that (until recently), I was quite atrocious at cooking. I guess I wasn’t horrible at following instructions, but I didn’t particularly enjoy cooking, and would prefer to eat dependable frozen Trader Joe’s meals or salads over something I cooked myself. NO LONGER. This semester, I decided to cook at least twice a week, and have so far been sticking to that resolution quite well!! It’s been really helpful to invite friends for meals, because that holds me accountable; plus I’ve definitely started to enjoy the process now that I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve made Thai chicken curry, coconut rice, homemade pesto sauce + pasta, chicken stir fry, roasted veggies AND, most importantly, BREAD PUDDING!!

4. Spending time with friends and people that inspire me! I’ll be heading to Irvine in July, and while it’s not far from LA at all, I’ll be leaving a ton of people, places, and memories behind. One of my goals and resolutions this semester is to prioritize people that are important to me, and hang out with people that make me happy, inspire me,  and challenge me to think in new ways!! I am so lucky to have a group of best friends here at USC, and I’m determined to make the best memories this semester.

5. Israel!! I’m heading to ISRAEL this spring break, and no, not for birthright. As part of my involvement with the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at Marshall (the school of business on campus), I’m traveling to Israel to visit social enterprises and learn about the entrepreneurship scene there. Tel-Aviv is apparently one of the budding tech capitals of the world, and I’m absolutely THRILLED to get a chance to see it and the rest of Israel with some wonderful people (again, see photo above!! that is my israel crew!!)

That pretty much covers the things I’m most excited about this semester, I’m sure there are a few here and there that I’m missing. I’m sure these posts are just going to get more and more sentimental as time passes, so get ready for some tear jerkers soon :^) .

Peace out and fight on,


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