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Hi! I’m Ramiro, but most people call me RJ. I’m a junior studying Aerospace Engineering, while possibly pursuing a PDP masters in Astronautical Engineering. I am from Vallejo, California. On campus, one of my favorite involvements is VEX Robotics, a design team where we build robots to compete against other teams in a yearly design challenge.  Outside of USC, I love to explore LA. My adventures range from visiting Boeing and Northrop, to laying down at the beach, to satisfying my stomach with the best cuisines around! This summer, I interned for a Civil Engineering position in Vallejo, which surprisingly taught me a lot about the Aerospace world! Buckle up, and come take a ride with me through my #ViterbiLife.



My Favorite Places in LA


As president of the VEX Robotics team, I work with recruiting members, training, and getting things prepared each season. We compete against different schools at USC throughout the year, so come check us out!
V.A.S.T or Viterbi Adopt a School Adopt a Teacher is a program where I was able to teach coding and robotics to students at the USC Magnet School across the street from campus on Jefferson street.
This past summer, I interned at the City of Vallejo’s Public Works Engineering department. I did some 2D drafting, went out on the field for surveying projects, and even proposed my own project to the City as a final assignment. Although it wasn’t aerospace related, I learned a lot of new skills. Read more about it in my blog post!

My Major at USC: Aerospace Engineering

My Favorite Classes
Thermo was my first upper division class that I took, that definitely gave me a scoop into the engineering world. I still remember one of the exam questions. It was to analyze a jet turbine to see if it would not only fall within the laws of thermodynamics, but also fulfill a desired mission! I definitely would recommend this class either as a tech elective or as a core class, because it is challenging but you learn a lot.
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