Winter Break Has Arrvied!

Ramiro Mendoza-Axle Ramiro, Viterbi Life

Tis’ the season to celebrate relaxation!

After a long semester, winter break couldn’t have come soon enough. To give a little recap of what this semester entailed, I took classes that ranged from spacecraft propulsion to american cultures. I also started to work at Honeybee while also having some robotics competitions for the USC VEX Team. It was a busy semester, but it is great to come back home to relax for a couple of weeks.

I drove up to the Bay Area, where I am originally from, to stay home with family, and see some old friends. Over break, I will most definitely be relaxing, but I will also go up to the snow! A great thing about California is that during winter, within a 4 hour driving radius, you can go from a calm, relatively warm winter a snowy forest! So hopefully, I will benefit from both types of winter seasons this break!

All in all, I am glad to be back home for a bit with my family during this vacation. Hopefully we can go on lots a museum trips, and get to go to the snow again!

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Ramiro is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. A fan of outdoor adventures and sports. Click on the image to read more!

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