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If you want to visit home for the summer, or just relax and vacation over summer but are worried that you need an internship to get that experience, then a co-op is a great route to go for! This is currently what I am doing, although hopefully I do continue on in the summer working.

Today was my first day on the job, and although it was mainly orientation and meeting the engineers I will be working with, I definitely am super excited to start on projects. Now, it may become a little hectic with school, clubs, and now a job, but I am a firm believer that the busier you are, the more successful you become. So what’s better than adding an engineering job to my schedule to make me busier!

Currently I am working for Honeybee Robotics, and although I can’t speak much about the projects I will be working on, I can definitely say that I will be using lessons I have learned in class. Walking in, and looking at the whiteboards that are placed around, I thought to myself “wow I learned about that in my strength of materials class” or “thermo would probably be needed to solve and understand this problem.” It was the first true experience that I found myself realizing all the classroom lessons coming into play for a career that I will hopefully continue to pursue.

Now, although a co-op is a great experience to have, I would not recommend to put so much on your plate if you do not think you can handle it. That being said, I am looking forward to participating in the co-op because I am excited to work on my own projects that will directly use principles I have learned in class. And, it will help me prepare for my classes as I will essentially be “studying” by incorporating those principles!

Maybe, if I will be allowed to, will give an update as to a cool project that I work on, but for now I will just keep you all in suspense!

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