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I am originally from Vallejo, California. For those of you who may not know where this is, it is up in Northern California, in between the Napa Valley and Berkeley. Back home, one of the main attractions is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It is your typical theme park with many adrenaline filled rides and tons of great junk food. Coming to LA, however, the usual attraction people think of is Disneyland. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love going to Disneyland for the experience, but I don’t go for those thrilling, adrenaline rushing rides. For that, I go to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain is the same branch of theme parks like Discovery Kingdom, but it is a lot bigger and has “scarier” rides as compared to my hometown’s counterpart. My favorite ride, by far, is X2, which is also one of the most popular rides at the park. So, I suggest that if you visit, you ride this ride first so that the line isn’t so long. Check out the ride POV video here!

The key to riding as many rides as possible is to plan out your day before going. I have gone a few times this year already, and have noticed that when I plan out the day, I ride all the rides I want to, without being to rushed for time. Also, make sure you get there as soon as you can, and have your ticket beforehand. Pro-tip, if you are from the area, just buy a season pass. For literally $5 more, if not being the same price, you can get a season pass rather than a general admission. The season pass also has no blackout days, so you can go whenever you want!

So if you love thrills like I do, I would definitely suggest going to Magic Mountain. There are plenty of rides to go on, and you will not be disappointed.  And even as an extra plus, they have a full water park called Hurricane Harbor within the park for those hotter days!




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Ramiro is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. A fan of outdoor adventures and sports. Click on the image to read more!

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