Tip #2: Study Study Study

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Finals Season is amongst us! So how better to prepare than some little tips I have to offer. Here’s episode 2 of Ramiro’s Tips and Tricks!

I think there are three very important things to successfully studying and preparing for examinations. Firstly, I think to be able to study well, you should find a place that you can fully focus. For some, it’s a place with a lot of background noise, but for others it may be a very quiet and secluded area. Whichever it may be, location is key.

Second, on top of location, eating and keeping well nourished is important. This is why I love to study at Starbucks on campus! I get to eat my sausage, cheddar and egg, while also sipping on some coffee!. So studying at a dining hall or a food place is definitely a plus!

Lastly, take breaks. I know, myself included, that hamming everything in one go seems to be the best thing to do, but this is probably not! You don’t want to feel burnt out or over work yourself. Therefore, it’s good to take breaks and relax from time to time when studying.

So those are a few tips I keep in mind when studying! Good luck and finals!

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Ramiro is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. A fan of outdoor adventures and sports. Click on the image to read more!

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