Current Favorite Class: The Dreaded Mechops

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Whether you are in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Astronautical engineering, and even if you aren’t, you’ll probably at one point hear about the dreaded Mechoptronics class. You’ll probably hear that it’s the hardest and most time consuming class AME and ASTE students have to take. You’ll hear about the long report writing nights, the tough labs that press you for time, and even the strict grading of assignments. But, you’ll also hear that it’s the first class that will actual prepare you for a true engineering setting. And in the end, most people think it is one of the best classes taken!

Currently, I am in the second semester of this class, and it has not let up! Although the long nights have been true, I have enjoyed this class so much. We are currently preparing for some wind tunnel tests! The lab we work in has its own wind tunnel that we use multiple times throughout the year! We will also present our own project proposals and give mini talks on these projects. So this class is more than just learning. It’s a dynamic environment that prepares you in all aspects of engineering.

Many of the principles that I have learned have applied in my current internship at Honeybee. Being able to feel ready in an engineering environment, applying skills I use in the classroom is very comforting. Plus, it’s also a nice plus in creating some pretty graphs that can impress people!

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