Cardinal Gardens: The Heritage Lives On!

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Now I know most people want to live in the new USC Village, with its prestigious new apartments and dorms. BUT I am here to tell you that if you don’t manage to get into the village, there’s a better option waiting to be taken!

I have lived in Cardinal Gardens for two years, but by know you’ve probably heard it mentioned as CarGar. CarGar mixes the luxury of being near the village, while also introducing the heritage of one of the original housing apartment complexes USC students have had. It has become a staple for USC student to live in! I know this may sound like any “old, refurbished” apartment complex, but it is much more than that!

So CarGar has two options: a one bedroom apartment style, or a two bedroom apartment layout. Both come fully furnished, with all the kitchen appliances you need, two bathroom sinks, and a full bathroom and shower. Furthermore, unlike the Village and other housing options, it is in its own gated complex, which ahs parking available to its residents for a yearly permit cost. The complex has amenities like a pool table, fire pits, barbecue grills, hammocks, and lots of free space to relax and enjoy the beautiful L.A. weather. Plus, it is right across the village, so you get to reap all the benefits of the Village like Target, Trader Joe’s and other food options.

Below you’ll see a picture with my roommate and I. This is one of the rooms, out of a two bedroom layout. It is quite spacious, each with out own desks and a walk in closet! We also have a balcony for our apartment, so we get to peak out and enjoy the nice view. There’s also a central unit air conditioning unit, which is super nice during those hot days in late spring and early fall.

Overall, the apartment complex has many amenities, in a closed area, that make it feel more exclusive and personal as compared to other housing options. (But this is my biased opinion even though all other housing options are wonderful as well). The rooms are modern and newly furnished, while still mixing in the heritage of an original Trojan housing option. I highly recommend living here. I mean, why else would I want to live here for two straight years!

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