Why I Switched My Major

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I originally applied and was admitted to USC as an architecture major. Even though I had taken architecture coursework in high school, I was unsure of what being an architect truly involved.

As an architecture major, I learned how to use 3D modeling software, took multiple design courses, and spent countless hours making museum-board models in studio with all 70 of my architecture classmates.

I learned that architecture students share a specific culture that was unlike any other major.

I ultimately decided that this lifestyle was not for me. I missed taking physics classes and reading textbooks. Even though I l loved my architecture friends, I wanted to meet people outside of the 70 students in my major and expand my network beyond just the architecture school.

I chose to switch to mechanical engineering. I knew I wanted to continue designing and being creative, while participating in the typical college experiences of attending lectures and sleeping in my dorm (as opposed to in studio). 

Switching into mechanical engineering allowed me the freedom to take even more classes across all of the academical disciplines USC has to offer. In addition, being a student in Viterbi gave me access to an even more dynamic community.

The culture of engineering students at USC is truly extraordinary. Even though there are more than just 70 students in Viterbi, the connections and friendships I have made through my engineering courses have truly made my college experience worthwhile. My Viterbi friends are incredibly collaborative and share talents in so many interdisciplinary fields.  

Switching my major helped me to find my place at USC.

Reach out if you have any questions about my experience as an engineering student!

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Rachel is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. Click above to find out more!

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