To Minor or Not to Minor, That is the Question

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One of the reasons I chose to come to USC was for the opportunity to pursue multiple majors and minors and take a wide range of classes within the diverse schools and programs at USC. I have been incredibly involved in theatre all of my life, and I hoped to continue pursuing my passion for the dramatic arts throughout my time in college.

A photo of me starring as the title role in The Gingerbread Man circa the 2nd grade

USC offers so many options to get involved with interdisciplinary programs and take courses that match your various interests. With over 150 minors among 16 different programs of study, USC grants students the opportunity to complete coursework and earn degrees corresponding to nearly any of their passions. Although my combination of a Mechanical Engineering major and a Dramatic Arts minor is a bit unique, it is not abnormal of the average USC or Viterbi student. Many of my friends are pursuing degrees in both Viterbi and other academic programs in the hopes of obtaining their desired interdisciplinary education.

My academic advisors in both Viterbi and the School of Dramatic Arts work closely together with me to ensure that I am meeting both degree requirements and staying on track to graduate within my desired timeline. Through my Dramatic Arts minor, I have had the opportunity to grow as a performer while participating in unique theatre classes and obtaining mentorship from professional actors.

Performing my stand-up set (which is 80% physics puns)

Last semester I took THTR 474: Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy. Even though I had never performed stand-up before, this course allowed me the opportunity to develop my very own stand-up set and perform it in venues throughout LA. Even after I had finished this course, I was able to continue practicing stand-up and honing my skills through the resources and connections I had obtained during my time in the class.

Performing with my improv troupe

As a Viterbi student, it has been wonderful to continue performing and exploring my passions both in and out of the classroom, all while pursuing my engineering degree. At USC, I have had the opportunity to participate in various shows and performances and have even served as a member of a campus comedy improv troupe since Freshman Year. I believe the skills I have developed as an actress and performer will aid me as I join the professional world of engineering.

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