Long Weekends in College: My Social Life as an Engineering Student

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As an engineering student in the midst of midterm season, you’d think I’m spending every night in the library. But over the three day weekend I had the opportunity to get out a lot (in between studying of course).

I’m a member of the structural avionics team for USC’s Rocket Propulsion Lab. I started the weekend working with my team to finish assembling the avionics structure for the Traveler IV rocket.

The next night, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner at LA Live (right down the street!) to celebrate a belated Valentines Day! He’s also an engineering student, and we both had a midterm on the real Valentines Day so we had to push our dinner back to the long weekend. If you can’t tell we really like sushi.

The next morning, I went to La Brea to get brunch with a friend. We did a little bit of studying for our mechoptronics class after brunch, but then we both ended up taking siestas after all the good food we had.

Later that night, I went to two of my other friend’s 21st birthdays (apparently everyone I know was born in February…)!

I had a super productive and incredibly fun long weekend. Although I wish we had more long weekends this semester, I am so grateful for the extra time I got to spend with my friends (and studying)!

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