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Going away to college can be tough (especially when school is 2,090 miles away from home), but the hardest part is always saying bye to my hairy angel, Max. 

Max is my 9-year-old cavalier king charles and the light of my life.

Here are some tips to help make going away to college and leaving your furry friends a bit easier:


I strongly suggest video chatting with your pets as much as possible (you might need the help of someone with opposable thumbs for this one). Even if it might not seem like they notice you, I am certain that your pet will appreciate hearing your voice through the phone. Calling your pet allows you to check up on them, see how big they're getting, and peep any new haircuts.

True love is still posting a photo you look bad in because he looks so good 


Even though it's not the same as hanging out with your own dog, there are many good dogs on USC's campus who would love your belly rubs. One of these good boys is Professor Beau who is the first full-time canine faculty. Professor Beau holds office hours in the Student Health Center. Beau also goes on campus-wide tours—visiting residence halls and other buildings on campus.

Also USC offers Pause for Paws, a program that brings a tent full of wellness dogs to different locations throughout campus. This program allows students to hang out with some very sweet doggos on their way to-and-from classes.

Professor Beau Advertising for Pause for Paws


Chances are you'll end up making quite a few trips back home during your time in college (especially for the holidays). Make your visits count and be sure to spend plenty of quality time with all of your good boys and ladies. 

I promise he loves me

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