The Daily Planner: Making My Life Easy

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This week, for the first time, I put my daily planner to use. After hearing my sisters and girlfriend encourage me to do so time after time, I decided to give it a shot. After what was probably my most productive/stress-free week ever, i have to say the daily planner is the best thing that was invented since sliced-bread.


I have never considered myself particularly organized but I have always gotten things done so I did not believe I needed to change something. By using the daily planner I became more organized and had what I needed to do in writing. By writing it down, I further committed myself to my tasks and felt more focused since I was only allotting myself a certain amount of time per assignment. This gave me a comfortable balance between the different coursework and gave me plenty of time to study for the Digital Logic quiz I had on friday. With a semester containing a test every single week, the daily planner is going to help me get all my things together and muscle through.

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