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Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all very excited about the Super Bowl tomorrow. I am sure it is going to be an amazing game. I cannot choose which of the two teams to root for but there is a lot on the line for both sides. The head coaches are brothers, the Raven’s most consistently great player is retiring after this game, the 49’ers are starting a relatively unexperienced, yet exciting Quarterback, and both teams would like to establish themselves as THE defensive powerhouse. I have to get a lot of studying in tonight for Wednesday’s Differential Equations test because I will be far too invested in the game tomorrow.

I am going to share a bit about the professional and social things going on with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, that make it the great organization it is. First off, we have a 7 on 7 Intramural Soccer Team and since we got knocked off last semester in the Semi-Finals, we are out there with a chip on our shoulder. Additionally, we have a SHPE basketball tournament coming up at Cal Poly Pomona. Last of all, we have the USC-SHPE Bowl coming soon. We are going to travel to UCLA and whoop their SHPE squad in some flag-football .. Don’t worry SC Football, we got your back!

Now onto professional development; I am going to be attending a Regional Leadership Development Conference in April at Arizona State University. There I will be involved in activities designed to improve and develop organizational, managerial, and technical skills. This will further prepare me to do my best to become part of the SHPE Executive Board in the upcoming school year and contribute to the growth of the USC SHPE Chapter. Furthermore, I will get the opportunity interact and network with SHPE’s corporate supporters. It should be a great experience!


SHPE: Latino/a Student Association Member Organization of the Year

SHPE: Latino/a Student Association Member Organization of the Year


Thanks for reading, Fight On!

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