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Junior year completely sneaked up on me. I am very excited to begin getting into my upper division coursework and am looking forward to the challenge of working part-time at Northrop Grumman over the course of the school year. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to continue supporting the James Webb Space Telescope as I further my studies …

Northrop Grumman Family Day

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Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a splendid summer. My Summer Internship is going great and I am getting opportunities that I would have never imagined. I am feeling very blessed and grateful to be in the position I am in. As one of 6 “High Potential Interns” in the Northrop Grumman South Bay region I am getting the …


Getting some SPACE this summer …

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My summer got off to a great start! Very unexpected surprises but I am happy to be where I am at. When I accepted my offer to rejoin Northrop Grumman this summer as part of an Intern Rotation Program, I was expecting to work under a different directorate for the same Unmanned Combat Air Systems project for the X-47B. Last …


Summer 2013: Northrop Grumman

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Hey there! Last day of instruction was on Friday and even though I am fearful of the intricacies that my graceful EE 202, Math 245, and Physics 153 Professors will decide to put on the finals, I am looking forward to getting it over with. Cannot believe that I am a summer away from being a Junior. This summer, I …


Conference in Arizona !

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This weekend I had the great opportunity to attend the 2013 Regional Leadership Development Conference in Tempe, Arizona at Arizona State University. It is one of 3 annual conferences held by SHPE National to develop leaders within the individual chapters.   I got the opportunity to meet the Executives from the National Organization of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers …


How to Conquer Midterms

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We are going into Week 11 of the Semester and most people just had, or are having (like me), their second round of midterms. You would think “midterms” would only happen once a semester but for math/science classes you’ll usually have two of them. I personally like it because if I did not perform as great as I wanted to …


USC in a word: Resourceful

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USC in a word… this is a tough task to accomplish. This university is providing me with a world class education, opportunities to interact with some of the coolest people in existence, and a very strong network within the Trojan Family. I am yet to have a necessity unmet as I develop into a conscientious adult and dynamic professional at …

the photo


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This Saturday the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund hosted an Easter inspired event named Eggster. We invited students from local Elementary schools and had a myriad of activities for them on Alumni Park. There were five different types of jumpers that they could use, activity booths where they could make Easter Bunny crafts, and there was another booth where parents …


Learning How to Present

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Today, at the SHPE Retreat I learned some really helpful skills about presenting.   We broke off into groups and had to tackle a particular case study and come up with an event. Afterwards, we had to make a powerpoint and present it to all the members who attended the retreat.   Though my group won the competition, I learned …

Talking to the students

Day at the Museum

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This Friday I volunteered at the California Science Center, across the street from USC, for Day at the Museum. It is an event where hundreds of students from local middle schools get to learn about Ecosystems and check out the space shuttle, Endeavour. Several SHPE members from both USC and UCLA came along and we did our best to answer …


Adios, Semester!

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What do you mean I’m half way through my sophomore year? I go back to my high school to help students with their college applications and cannot believe it’s been almost two years since I was there. More than anything though, I cannot believe I am an Engineering student at USC. I swear it feels like it is never going …


Good Luck High School Seniors!

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High School seniors, I couldn’t possibly feel any more empathy. I can still vividly remember how stressed and anxious I was during this time period two years ago. Now that I think back, I was a bit foolish to be so worried because everything turned out just fine; the way it was supposed to. As you are applying to schools, …


My Major: Electrical Engineering

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Hey everyone! Ironically enough, “simply” choosing your major can be the most painstaking part of your college application process. It was for me and I remember applying to a few different schools with different, science and math related majors because of my indecisiveness. I am just extremely glad I applied to Viterbi with the intent to study Electrical Engineering. I …


Jenga and Structural Engineering

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I am the master at Jenga. I most recently discovered that while playing Giant Jenga with my friends from the Norman Topping Scholarship on campus. However, I was no match for a friend of mine who is a Civil Engineering major.  I went head to head against several worthy opponents but met my match when I went up against him. …


Not Having a Car at USC

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Not having a car on campus is not an inconvenience at all with LA Public Transportation. The Metro Rails and Lines will get you anywhere you need to be around Los Angeles. My home is a 15-minute drive from USC and by using the Metro, I can be there in less than an hour without my family having to move …


Why Study Engineering?

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Studying engineering at any university, particularly at USC, is definitely challenging. However, it is far from impossible and anything worth attaining requires effort. Many high school seniors are curious about studying engineering but are daunted by the notoriety it has amongst majors. I heard countless horror stories about engineering when I was applying to Universities but I was convinced that …