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Since I can remember, studying has always been difficult for me, not because I hate studying but because I do not have the longest attention span. I get distracted fairly easily, either with my phone, by people walking by, or by talking to other people I am studying with. This is usually not a big problem since we are given a good amount of time to turn in assignments so the distractions do not affect my work too much, but this changes when the assignment is very time-consuming. I used to have the same strategy for all my assignments but during my second semester as a freshman, I realized that was not going to work since the assignments began to need attention.

Wallis Annenberg Hall from the inside

I found the perfect place where I could study and be comfortable on the 4th floor of Wallis Annenberg Hall (better known as New Annenberg). There are coffee tables and study rooms dispersed throughout the floors but I feel the calmest at the fourth. I cannot explain exactly why but the ability to sit next to an open area on the top floor of the building is extremely relaxing. There is almost always space at one of the tables and the outlets found at each table work perfectly when I need to stay there for more than a couple of hours.

If I have to choose, I prefer to study and do homework among my friends but as a college student, I have found that sometimes I have to step away and focus on my own work. Whenever a big deadline is approaching I know New Annenberg will be the best setting to finish my project.

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