My Week in Recap

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Howdy everybody! This week was quite a busy one for me, but I’ve got some exciting new possibilities opening up!

Batmobile at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Batmobile at Six Flags Magic Mountain

This week started out pretty strong; after an awesome trip to Six Flags Fright Fest with Sarah and her roommate Alexa, I started the week by getting back my midterm grades from last week. I aced both tests with room to spare! In my Discrete Math class, we learned how to count! Never thought I’d get to say that about a college class! Our type of counting is a more advanced technique however, and it involves counting possibilities of sorts and categorizations. For example, we can now count how many possible unique 5-card hands there are in a 52-card deck.

In my Video Game Production class, we started off with a presentation from EA all about their internship program and how they look for new employees. After that, I presented my group’s game mashup idea: Super Smash Brotals. Imagine a 3-dimensional Super Smash Brothers, and now give everyone a portal gun. Let the madness ensue! The gameplay centers around solving a puzzle, just like in Portal; however, there are two teams attempting to solve the same puzzle, so there is strategy in not only solving the puzzle as a team, but also sabotaging the other team. The presentation was a big hit and I’m looking forward to doing a little development of my own on this game in the future. Finally, we took a midterm in the class which I think went rather well!

In my Mobile Development class, we started the week with some midterm review and finalizing our mockup designs for our groups’ applications. My app, Find It Fast!, is a simple design based around searching for items you wish to buy. The engine uses tags, like colors and styles, to identify items at stores close to your location and lists those to you as well as any information on them like pictures or availability. Later in the week, we took our midterm for the class, where we had to identify various GUI elements, application and monetization styles, and some of the history of mobile development.

Lastly, a large group of my Video Game Production class is in discussions of starting our own venture into mobile gaming. Our plan is to get a concept and polished prototype together and present our idea to a publisher to work with them for further development. I’m excited to see how far we can take this!

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