From Cryptography to Communication: Fall Semester Preview

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Howdy everyone! Fall semester is just starting up this week and we’re all getting excited with our new classes! The Trojan football game yesterday was the perfect way to dive into a new semester – full steam ahead! Personally, I’m pumped for my classes this semester and they’re looking to be a good variety of topics; from cryptography, to business …

Student Org: USC Games Business Club

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Howdy everybody! I hope you’ve had a good week! Along the same lines of last week’s blog about the Business Administration portion of my CS/BA degree, I want to keep the spotlight on my Business activities this week. In particular, I want to tell you guys about my newest club venture, the USC Games Business Club.

The Wonderful World of Business

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Howdy everyone! I realized recently that I’ve talked a lot about the Computer Science portion of my degree (Computer Science/Business Administration). However, I haven’t talked much about the Business side. Let’s take a peek inside the wonderful world of business.

Why USC?

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Howdy everybody! It’s been a fun and relaxing Spring Break this past week and I just got back from Dallas this past Sunday. It was great to relax and hone my golf skills (or lack-thereof)! As it’s approaching April, I know a lot of y’all are making your final decisions for college, and I remember just how stressful that choice …